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We imbue every travel product we make with innovative, yet appropriate technology inspired by the real challenges that we experience on the road. This spirit penetrates every detail of the products we make.


We use only high-grade materials, which we chemically customize for optimal performance. We then go further by extruding, thermoforming and injecting these plastics ourselves to ensure the highest level of execution. Toughness and durability are minimum requirements for all our materials, but each one in turn has exceptional qualities to appeal to different types of travelers.

• Polypropylene
If you’re looking for a case that’s solid and nearly indestructible, polypropylene is your best option. Our proprietary Advanced PP polypropylene blend is formulated to excel when subjected to impact at below-zero temperatures and doesn’t get white scuff marks like standard polypropylene formulas. See Octa and Streamline.

• Polycarbonate
If you’re looking for the lightest possible option, then polycarbonate suitcases are the right choice. Composed of over 95% high-grade polycarbonate, our Advanced PC and Pure PC materials offer an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. We make our polycarbonate suitcases in two finishes: stunning high-gloss crystal or matte, scratch-resistant. See Groove, Lucid, Horizon and Kozmos.


A strong exterior shell isn’t worth much if it isn’t closed properly. We have developed several custom closure systems which integrate TSA-compatible locks for peace-of-mind as you travel.

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• Tamper Proof Zippers
Zipper closures are great because they reduce weight but traditional nylon coil zippers are easily punctured. We have developed an exclusive nylon coil that can’t be punctured, and which doesn’t weigh more than traditional zippers. See Groove, Lucid and Streamline.

• Interlock Frame Closure
This lock system locks three sides of the luggage with only two latches located by the side carry handle of the luggage. Better security without additional effort. See Horizon.

• Four Point Latch Closure
With four latches spread over three sides of the suitcase, this closure system is the most secure option we offer. See Octa.

• TSA Locks
All Lojel luggage is outfitted with TSA lock functions as a standard feature. TSA locks allow airport security personnel in the USA and Canada to inspect your luggage with a master access key, thereby avoiding forced entry and potential damage to your luggage.


We take a special interest in making very smooth-rolling, silent wheels because this subtle detail can have a big impact on the comfort of your journey. All our wheel systems are specifically tested to never exceed designated decibel levels.


As we run our own factory, we carefully test all the raw materials as well as the products that we make as the minimum requirement. But we don’t believe that is enough. No laboratory can really simulate the unpredictable challenges of travel so we place a priority on real-life testing as a vital component of the way we test and improve our luggage.