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Rolser EcoImax 2 Wheel Foldable Shopping Trolley


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Rolser shopping trolley in folding aluminium with 2 wheels, to avoid unnecessary loads. The 2L chassis has a system forward for complete folding. Multifunctional hook adaptable to supermarket trolleys and for hanging bags and/or other products. Depending on the chosen function, manually change the hooks place from the top handle to the centre frame. It will help you with any type of transfer of small loads. The fabric used for the EcoImax comes from recycled cotton combined with polyester fibres sourced from PET bottles. The perfect combination to achieve a component that is 100% environmentally friendly. The EcoImax bag comes in backpack format, with double inside pocket and zippered back pocket. EcoImax. True to its principles. And in this one, the term "Natural" obviously has a second meaning. EcoImax comes contributing its greater versatility and surprising capacity. Lightweight yet robust and with the attractiveness of the colours provided by the recycling process of its materials.

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